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Business and communication coaching and mentoring

Business and communication coaching and mentoring fot. sxc.hu

Your business is paramount to us. Support of its growth – that is our goal. That is why we try to be like water which fits into any shape while simultaneously retaining its nature. We believe in coaching and mentoring - because these methods place specific people on center stage – in this case our Clients – and allow us to find the way to business success together.

Coaching, which is a form of training, largely depends on the knowledge and experience which the Client already possesses. The role of the trainer (coach) is helping with extracting and organizing the Client's knowledge and support in the decision making process. Our experts assist in discovering and becoming aware of the weak sides of the Client – in such a way that after working through them – the Client can easily attain his intended goals. Especially in the areas connected with communication, negotiations and business development.

In the case of mentoring, the role of the mentor (teacher) lends itself to a wider base of his own experience and authority. It is still the Client and his development and goals that are the center of activities. The task od our experts in this case – inspiration, support in goal attainment and the evaluation of potential and presenting the Client with an action proposal meant to serve his development.

Naturally, we also apply more traditional tools and advising methods.

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