Witold Siekierzyński

Behavioral economist (business psychologist), manager and expert in the areas of: communications and strategic marketing, relationship marketing, add-on services and innovation in mobile telephony (including inter-area solutions such as: financial services, NFC, etc.), as well as public speaking.

For more than seventeen years he has worked as an expert and manager on the telecommunications market with the largest European telecommunications groups both in Poland and abroad. During that time he: lead projects in relationship management and loyalty, innovation and new business lines; he managed large teams of experts responsible for areas such as: banking services, traditional and innovative add-on services, content and applications, mobile marketing and premium services. He participated in international projects while at Orange and Deutsche Telekom. For many years, he has been a lecturer at the most respected universities in Poland (including the Psychology Departments of University of Warsaw, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Polish Academy of Sciences). He also conducts independent workshops and training – both non-profit (for associations and student organizations), and for companies. He is an active participant in non-profit ventures in the area of culture and the arts – mostly literature – he has been president of societies and associations, coordinating teams of more than a hundred people which organized various cultural events.

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