Robert Pogorzelski

Studied philosophy and economics (including business administration and ITSM – Information Systems Management). Experienced manager with many years’ practice in different aspects of running a business and international operations. Since the 90s, professionally involved with international business (Germany, Austria, China).
Flexible and understanding in his approach to business, but at the same time faithfully keeping to a code of ethics and honesty in business dealings developed over many years. He managed companies and CRM activities, consulted and supervised business projects between Polish and Chinese companies. He conducted contract trade negotiations, provided running solutions, evaluated documentation and market data, prepared reports and analyses. Since 2006, working with the Chinese holding Unigroup from Tsinghua University in Beijing. Very well versed in multicultural relations. Presently involved with the “B-Water Consulting Group” project. “Forever” interested in the culture and philosophy of the Far East, an enthusiast and practitioner of martial arts.

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